Laugh Your Cry Out with Zachary Kihm

(Episode 13) When a Liberal and a Leftist walk into a bar...

What happens when two well-informed people pull up the proverbial barstool and start a friendly debate over our world’s current issues? One hell of a conversation, that’s what. Zachary Kihm joins Joey in a lively discussion about critical race theory, the patriarchy, and equality.

Zachary Kihm

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In this Episode:

  • Media embellishing narratives

  • Defunding the police

  • Dangers of ideology

  • Where Leftists push too far

  • Preventive measures for crime

  • Mental health funding in a broken system

  • Patriarchy

  • Segregation and intersectionality

  • Universal basic income (UBI)

About Zachary Kihm:

Zachary Kihm is a social worker at Lutheran Social Services of Northern California, currently working with formerly-homeless adults. He is also a graduate student at McGeorge School of Law, two classes away from receiving his Master's of Public Administration. Politically, Zachary is involved in local, state, and national politics.

He runs two local political organizations–Progressive Democrats of America Sacramento and Social Democrats USA (SDUSA) Sacramento–and serves as Vice-Chair of Political Affairs for the Young Democrats of America (YDA) Hispanic Latinx (HLC) Caucus. He was recently elected as a Councilmember for the American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA). Personally, Zachary enjoys sports, reading, and watching anime/shows/movies.