Laugh Your Cry Out with John Snetsinger

(Episode 12) In Joey's attempt to figure out the “Defund The Police” movement, he sat down with his buddy John Snetsinger, a recently-retired Lieutenant of the Santa Rosa Police Department. They talked a bit about John's personal story, his time as a detective, and the many ideas and proposals he has to help the lives of both police officers and the cities they serve.

John Snetsinger

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Bottom line, when these things happen, it’s tragic. There’s not an officer I've ever worked with who wants to kill anybody. It’s not even a topic.”

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In this Episode:

  • Proper training within departments

  • Field tactics

  • Ethics in law enforcement

  • Implicit biases

  • "Defund the Police" and how that term is detrimental

  • Additional funding for precincts

  • When programs get cut

  • Preventive measures for crime

  • Mental health funding in a broken system

  • False narratives of defunding

  • Qualified immunity

About John Snetsinger:

John Snetsinger is an experienced, and recently-retired Lieutenant with over 27 years working in law enforcement.

John began his law enforcement career in the city of Belmont, California. Three years later, he joined the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) as a patrol officer. He served as a Field Training Officer, and spent 5 years as a detective, investigating crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence, and computer forensics.

In 2004, John was promoted to sergeant. During his last 10 years in this role, John supervised the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, was part of the team that established the Family Justice Center and supervised the SRPD School Resource Officers.

In 2014, John was promoted to lieutenant, and continued to give back to the community by serving on Verity’s Board of Director for 8 ½ years.

John remains active in his community and is now honing his skills as an artisan.