Laugh Your Cry Out with John Durham

(Episode 9) Professor John Durham and Joey sit down and chat about the controversial topic of Safe Spaces on college campuses. This issue was explored at length in the book, The Coddling of the American Mind, How Good Intentions And Bad Ideas Are Setting Up A Generation for Failure, by Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt. The banter and debate that follows is worth a listen.

John Durham

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Prepare your child for the road ahead, not the road for your child.”

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In this Episode:

  • The Coddling of the American Mind (book)

  • Brands taking a stand in a stronger way

  • Safe Spaces within universities

  • Safe Spaces within corporate America

  • Trigger warning & micro-aggressions

  • Are liberal ideologies dominating our top universities?

About John Durham:

John Durham is CEO and Managing Partner for Catalyst SF ( John has amassed one of the strongest resumes in marketing with a specific focus on digital marketing and advertising sales since 1995.

John was formerly President of Sales and Marketing for Jumpstart Automotive Media, successfully engineering the company for sale to Hachette Filipacchi. Prior to his role with Jumpstart, John was EVP, Business Development for Carat Fusion and President of Pericles Consulting.

John has also been responsible for overall management of Winstar Interactive ( as President/CRO. At Winstar he ran the site-specific rep firm for over six years. He oversaw the management of nine offices and sixty employees.

John is also a professor at the University of San Francisco and a certified wine collector, knowledgeable in all varieties and selection. You can consider John a sommelier of marketing.

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