Laugh Your Cry Out with Brit Abney

(Episode 16) Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dave Chappelle, our Transgendered Community, and the Wisdom of Youth.

In my attempt to understand our transgendered community a bit better, I sat down with a young man named Brit Abney to hear what he had to say. My invitation stemmed from our friendship on Facebook, and his prolific and compassionate defense of our transgendered community within his own friends and followers. We talked specifically about Dr. Jordan Peterson and the controversial C-16 Bill, as well as my favorite comedian, Dave Chappelle, and his Netflix special, The Closer. During our dialogue you'll hear us debate (and disagree) on terminology related to pronouns, triggers, and microaggressions, but more importantly, you'll witness the wisdom of youth in its finest form.

Brit Abney on Laugh Your Cry Out with Joey Dumont

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I think people should have the freedom to do whatever they want insofar as they are not harming another person. I’m a huge proponent of freedom and autonomy up until the point where you’re harming someone else. And, as soon as you harm someone else then I’m a big proponent of the government...getting in between you and saying, ‘Hey, you gotta stop that.’”

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In this Episode:

  • Postmodernism

  • Dr. Jordan Peterson

  • C-16 Bill and pronouns

  • Freedom of speech

  • Meta-narrative around “woke” culture

  • Nobel effect

  • Marxism vs communism

  • Bret Weinstein example of speech violence

  • Viewpoint diversity

  • Safe spaces on college campus

  • Systemic marginalization

  • Controversy over Netflix Dave Chapelle special

About Brit Abney:

My name is Brit. I live in Denver with my wife and two kids. I'm a water resources engineer professionally and a philosopher by hobby. I like to ski, hike, scuba dive, and read whenever I get time (which isn't as much as I like thanks to my two wonderful children).