Laugh Your Cry Out with Ryan Casey Waller

(Episode 3) Ryan is a psychotherapist, pastor, and co-sufferer. And he wrote about all of this in his memoir, Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things People Don't Want To Talk About. Ryan and Joey discuss Meghan Markle, Robin Williams, and the bliss of self love and sobriety.

Ryan Casey Waller

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I got to a point where I didn’t care. I didn’t want to think about certain things so I was taking really unhealthy risks.”

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About Ryan Casey Waller:

Ryan Casey Waller is a licensed psychotherapist, lawyer, and pastor who has heard all the jokes about being both lawyer and priest. But if you have another one, he's always game for more laughs. He studied philosophy and religion at the University of Southern California before pursuing a law degree, a Master’s in theology, and a Master’s in counseling from Southern Methodist University. He practiced law before turning to a career in ministry, serving in both academic and ecclesial settings. He is now in private practice in Dallas.